The Concept

Creating a Landing Page: The Concept

Following on from the last post where I talked about how I get inspiration by creating mood boards, I would now like to share with you how I go about creating the concept of my templates.

There are various ways one can do this. Some people prefer to use a pen and paper and begin to sketch out their ideas, others may use wireframe software such as Balsamiq Mockups, which essentially sketches out your concept ideas as well, the difference is that you have a number of out-of-the-box drawings that allow you to mess around with all the different web elements.
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By Leo Acosta
Webdesign Inspiration

Creating a Landing Page: Getting Inspiration Ideas

The process of creating a landing page for me all begins with gaining inspiration.

Now there are a variety of ways people get inspiration, it ultimately just depends on what works for you. Some may check out other websites, others may go through magazines, gain inspiration from tv commercials, etc.

There really is no right or wrong way, it just is based on how you feel you get the most out of it.

In this post I’ll share with you exactly how I go through the process of inspiration and provide you with the resources I use to get me started – hopefully they will come in handy when you are creating your own theme or template.

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By Leo Acosta
Web Design Workflow

Modern Web Design Workflow by Chris Coyier

Unless you are brand new to all things CSS and web, you would’ve heard about Chris Coyier.

This guy is super rad and a CSS + HTML ninja! His presentations are hilarious and at the same time extremely useful with tonnes of value.

I was reading an article the other day which pointed me to one of Chris’s recent presentations where he talks about Web Design Workflow – specifically the way he works when undertaking his projects.

I’d like to now share with you the video presentation below. There are some fantastic tips and tricks which Chris discusses, ranging from working locally on your projects, to version control to making your websites super quick.

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By Leo Acosta
Getting Approved

How to Create a Premium Landing Page…and Getting Approved

So here I am, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.

You may be asking what exactly I’m talking about, right? Well, for the past 6 months or so I’ve had this idea to begin a series of posts where I will be sharing with you the exact process I go through when creating a premium landing page template.

I am going to show you EVERYTHING!

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By Leo Acosta

Free vs. Premium: Themes & Templates

There’s always been a long old debate for those in the website theming niche – should I use a free theme or buy a premium theme?

The answer to this question really does depend on what you want out of the theme, who it’s for and how much time you have to invest on customizing the theme.

There are pros and cons to each and below I will share with you what these are.

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By Leo Acosta

Getting Started with ThemeForest – Part 1

So you’re ready to roll? Awesome! Let’s get started then… When starting out the very  first thing you need to do is quite simple – you’ll need to create a ThemeForest account.

Let me show you exactly what details you’ll sign up with as well as a quick tip that will help you with all your future ThemeForest and other Envato marketplaces interactions.

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By Leo Acosta

How I Will Become an Elite Theme Author

Having a passion to me means you can and will do almost anything to get to where you want to get to.

Having goals is all well and good, but before you have goals it is your passion which drives you to get to the place you desire to be.

I have a passion…and I’m ready for the journey that lies ahead to get there…

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By Leo Acosta

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