My Unofficial Envato Melbourne Meetup

Back in January I managed to meet up with some of the team members of Envato HQ.

Even though this was not an official meet up and more of a casual get together, it was still really nice to put the real life persons to their avatars.

The meet up was a good opportunity to provide some feedback to the team on what some of the pains as well as some of the experiences we face in being a ThemeForest author and using the marketplaces as a whole.

How I Met Collis Ta’eed

Funny story about how this happened actually.

On the day of the meet up I was making my way to pick up my car as I was going to drive into the city (known as downtown for those of you in the states) to meet the gang.

Thing is, I was just following my usual routine where I walk up one of the streets heading toward the train station and low and behold, I see a familiar face coming towards me.

Collis and I had never met, so I wasn’t sure whether to yell out at a total stranger or not…but… there was one thing that gave it away.

This man, who looked a lot like Collis, was wearing a t-shirt labelled…wait for it… ‘HELVETICA’. That’s when my light bulb lit up!

For sure that has to be Collis, so I took the leap and yelled out, “COLLIS!”

Sure enough it was the man himself! How awesome was this! We had a very brief chat and he told me he would be attending the meetup later on in the evening.

It really is surprising that this happened on the very same day, but it did! Safe to say, Collis is just as you would expect him to be, really approachable and charismatic kind of guy – it was a real pleasure meeting him.

Hanging Out with Envato HQ

The Envato Melbourne Meetup
The Envato Melbourne Meetup

Overall the meetup was a great chance to meet some of the people behind the scenes of Envato. Some of which you may already know and others I’m sure you’ll get to know.

Naysan, Helen, Collis, Kelly, Justin, John and Jarel – I think that was most of the crew, but I may have missed someone, you guys rock and thanks for organising such an event. I think it was a great idea to interact and get to know the local Melbourne community and I hope you do it again.

I also had the opportunity to meet some of the really talented marketplace authors. It was very interesting to hear about how they got started in the marketplaces, whether it was in AudioJungle, VideoHive, ThemeForest or any of the others. Hearing about the individual stories was very motivating and definitely keeps me going with my goal in becoming an elite author.

To those authors who attended the meetup along with me, it was a pleasure getting to know you all.

The Envato Goodies

For attending the meet up we also got some cool little goodies from the team, check out the pic below of one of the Envato branded coffee cups,

Envato Mug
Thanks Envato for this cool coffee mug 🙂

Until Next Time…

I really have to say it was a great night, had a lot of fun, met some great people and look forward to when the next official meet up is held. So long as I’m in the country I’ll definitely be making an appearance again.

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Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your comments below and all the best.

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