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Introducing Eternity – A Beautiful Wedding Website Template

So it’s finally here, my update on my latest website template. Last week I submitted Eternity, my wedding site template to ThemeForest…

After two days of waiting and a lot of browser refreshing (which is really not needed as I get notified by email anyway), I got the news that my template was approved and ready for sale.


Here is the email:

ThemeForest Approval Message
Click the image to view full size.

You can check out the template and item page right here.

One thing to mention is that the template actually took me a few months to complete. This actually has nothing to do with the overall scope of the design or the development, but more the fact that other priorities had to come first. One of these being my wedding in Fiji 🙂

It’s for that reason actually that I chose to create a wedding website template. The upcoming nuptials gave me the inspiration to not only create a theme, but create one within a specific niche in mind.

I’ve read a lot about some of the elite authors on ThemeForest how they tackle a specific category and focus on owning it. I’m not saying the wedding category is one I will focus on, but it definitely was a good experience to make a template which honed into a specific niche.

How I Got Started

Getting inspiration was key for me, luckily I had plenty of it thanks to my upcoming nuptials.

So how exactly did I do this…?

It simply began by looking through a lot of wedding websites, magazines, Etsy, Pinterest, Dribbble and more.

I also took a stroll down all the wedding category sections in ThemeForest and looked at what features these templates had, what was selling, which templates had high ratings, what seem to be the must haves…

Some of these features that stood out to me included:

  • Contact form with RSVP inputs
  • High quality photography
  • Feature sliders
  • Groomsmen and bridesmaids sections

…and definitely much more.

It was very important for me to keep the template straight forward for both the buyer and the user.

Don’t over complicate your theme with features that may not be needed.

Other templates have a lot of “fluff” and actually make it more of a challenge to fill up the pages with content versus just providing the exact information that would be needed for the occasion.

I would know, I bought a theme myself for my wedding. Too many bells and whistles hinder design.

It’s because of this that I’m very conscious of making things that are simple and easy to use, while at the same time looking super slick.

Currently Eternity has been on sale for about a week and has made 26 sales (hopefully it will be more by the time you read this).

Eternity Website Sales
Here is a screenshot of where the sales display.

Not bad for a template which is within its own niche.

Hopefully the sales will continue as I’m very happy with the overall design and strongly believe it will be of great value to the end-user.

So Where To From Here?

Well to be honest, I’m already thinking about the next theme that I’d like to tackle. It is a brand new platform that has been launched, so I am still researching how exactly it works.

After skimming through some of the documentation I have began to feel that it may be a bit more of a challenge than I was anticipating.

In the next post, I will share with you exactly what themes I have been considering as well as some of the reasons why I may decide not to go through with this specific platform versus the other.

In the mean time, if you’d like to see the live demo of the Eternity theme then you can check it out here.

Thanks again for stopping by, I wish you all the best and feel free to leave me your comments below. I read through all of them and will respond to you as soon as possible.

2 replies on “Introducing Eternity – A Beautiful Wedding Website Template”

Hi Leo!
The template is just amazing. Congrats man!

PS: Did you design it in Photoshop & then converted it to HTML?
( Just wondering if you’re designing directly in the browser or not 😀 )


Hi Thomas,

Glad you like it!

I actually started in the browser, got the core structure in place, then went into Photoshop and used Style Tiles to get the look and feel. Once I had that, I created a mock to get the elements in place.

Thanks again,