Getting Started with ThemeForest – Part 2

In my last post I discussed the process of how you can sign up with ThemeForest – a marketplace for Site Templates, WordPress themes and more!

Today I would like to show you what exactly happens once you become a member of ThemeForest and begin interacting with the fantastic community that lives within it’s walls.

Dipping Your Toes

Once you’ve created your account with ThemeForest it’s time to have some real fun. As a starting point I would suggest to have a poke around the whole site – don’t worry, you can’t break anything…

Getting Started with ThemeForest
Getting Started with ThemeForest

There are so many areas within the marketplace that you can definitely get a bit lost. Because of this, let me give you my recommendation on where I believe you should get started.

Getting Personal

One of the best things I can recommend to do when first starting out is to include a bit of information about what you do, who you are, what you like or dislike and why not also add an avatar to your profile page. The reason I say this is because it allows the community as well as anybody else that may check out your profile to get to know that much better.

By sharing who you are you can begin to build a relationship with your visitors, who can decide to follow you and eventually can even become close friends of yours.

There is a misconception out there that we need to hide behind our screens. Well that’s where I disagree. I think its VERY important to connect with your audience, this way they get to know you that much better and can even help you out when you may run into a problem in future.

Forming relationships, interacting within the community and creating partnerships is key to your overall success.

Don’t be afraid to be social, it’s so much better than going through it on your own!

Introduce Yourself to the Community

Once of the best examples  of being social I can think of is the ThemeForest forum. The ThemeForest community members are a great bunch! Don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’ and let people begin to know you.

What is great about the community is that you can post any questions you may have if you are stuck with something, it could range from navigating across the site to having a technical question about a template or theme you may be creating. Someone sooner or later will respond with a fantastic answer, so make sure you ask questions when you have them.

ThemeForest Forum
ThemeForest Forum

Putting it All Together

Once you have more of an understanding of how the marketplace as a whole works, I would recommend to start thinking what you would like to do.

There are so many options…

Remember that by becoming a member to ThemeForest you are now also a member of all the other marketplaces.

Do you want to become a marketplace author? Or do you want to start your experience by browsing the enormous collection of templates and themes and become a buyer first?

It’s ultimately up to you…

In the next few posts, I will be sharing with you the process of how you can become an author on the marketplace (ThemeForest specifically), how I went about doing it all, what considerations you must be aware of and how you can get your first template out the door and ready for your first official review!

Be sure to stay up to date and swing on by again as you’ll surely not want to give that a miss.