How I Will Become an Elite Theme Author

Having a passion to me means you can and will do almost anything to get to where you want to get to.

Having goals is all well and good, but before you have goals it is your passion which drives you to get to the place you desire to be.

I have a passion…and I’m ready for the journey that lies ahead to get there…

Learning Is Key

By no means do I think I’ve learnt it all. As I’m sure you have heard this phrase before “you never stop learning”, and this is so true.

Learning is the key to your ultimate success or failure – and that’s just it… failing is not the problem, not learning is.

We can learn from our failures and strive to improve ourselves and make the next task, project or whatever it may be, that much better.

Learn from your mistakes, don’t hide from them.

Helping Others Along The Way

I know that this part of the whole journey will be the most fulfilling. Helping others achieve their goals and get to the point where they can be happy and passionate about what they are doing is what it’s all about.

By helping others we not only see others perspectives but we also learn from each other.

Helping, collaborating and sharing is part of human nature – don’t miss out on this experience.

Competition Is Not The Enemy

Many people get afraid or apprehensive when they hear about the competition. Questions such as what is your competitor doing? How can you beat them? How can you sabotage them?

The truth is, if you stop looking at these people as your competitors but instead see them as people who you can become friends with, collaborate with and ultimately grow your business with, then your mindset will be a much healthier one and your stress levels will greatly diminish and you will be more productive with your planned projects.

The Plan

So this is the plan from here on end…

I am going to be sharing with you all of my tips, tricks, mistakes, etc…along my journey to becoming a ThemeForest elite author. Perhaps along the way I’ll decide to delve into other marketplaces, I’ll just have to see how we go. Nothing will be set in stone.

Over at ThemeForest I’ve been a member of the community for over 2 years now and have published 3 items, which is why I thought it would be a great opportunity to share everything with you.

I’m not a ‘elite author’ by any means, in fact I still have quite a way to go… but I do have the passion, the passion to create beautiful themes, the passion to help you get there too, the passion to create something special which we can all learn from and when the time is right also contribute to.

The time starts now, there’s no turning back, just action to be taken.