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My three amigos, the boys, the “Wolfpack”…

Some of the best people I have come across in my entire life. Really happy to know these guys will be there on my big day. Couldn’t think a better group to spend one of the most important days of my laugh. Let’s party like good old times!

Aaron Sims – Best Man

I have never in my life met someone that can make me laugh like Aaron and at the same time want to kill him a minute later. His humor is unmatched and very unusual.


Joe Cunningham – Groomsmen

I have known Joe my whole life and he is my best friend in the world. We grew up in New Mexico playing guns, dressing up like girls (his idea), and just making the most of the time we had together.


Roland Green – Groomsmen

Roland is the definitely the coolest one out of my brothers. He is always doing fun stuff and looking good while he is doing it. Roland and I have always been pretty close.