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Alysa and James met in the winter of 2009 while working together at the Grain Cafe and Dinning. Through his charismatic charm, contagious passion, and subtle hints of growing affection, James quickly won over Alysa’s heart.

Starting with flirty emails and late night work sessions, they’re affection grew, forging a special bond both in and out of the office, turning to each other as confidant and collaborator – eventually life partners.

Their first date, a casual lunch, James offered to take Alysa on as retribution for missing a working session she had set up (to James’s defense, it was game 4 of the World Series – thus priorities justified) . They talked for hours as if time stood still, followed by a walk, wine, coffee, dessert – 8 hours had gone by without even realizing it.

Alysa and James feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together closely and witness each others professionalism first hand; getting to know a side that is rarely seen and experienced by a loved one.

They cherish their memories together and are thankful for the special bond it allowed them to create. Alysa and James proudly continue to work together on various other projects as partners, collaborators, and most of all, lovers.

So how did James propose? Here is the full story…

The Proposal

He proposed, she said yes.
He proposed, she said yes.

Under a false work-related pretense, Alysa was convinced to join James on a fun and relaxing weekend in the big apple. Excited to spend the weekend in the place they first confessed their love for one an other, little did she know that it was also going to be the place they would start the first day of the rest of their lives together.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day, an April 10th they would never forget. With the cover story of meeting a friend at Central Park, they spent the day jet setting up and down Manhattan as time led away. To Alysa, it was a gorgeous New York day with the man she adored, it couldn’t get any better. To James, with the ring in his jacket pocket and covert texts to the photographer he hired to stake out the engagement moment, it was the most nervous he had ever been.

Leading up to the moment, there wasn’t a second that passed by where he didn’t survey his pocket, check his phone to confirm scheduling. Just one accidental bump of his jacket could have given the whole thing away.

As they entered the park, James continued his cover as he texts the friend they’re scheduled to meet, “we’ll meet you by the pond” a reply swifts in, great!

With some convincing maneuvering, they were positioned perfectly within the photographers view, and the big moment was about to happen. James turned to Alysa, reminding her about the very moment they first said ‘I love you’ to each other, on the very street they stood on.

Immediately dropping to one knee and asking for her hand in marriage. Before he could complete his sentence, she took the ring from the box and in a flash it was on her finger, James could only see that as a resounding yes! and raised to kiss his new bride-to-be.

Photography provided by Ryan Polei