Thanks for stopping by. My name is Leo and I’m a designer and developer whose goal is to make beautiful and easy to use themes and templates.

I’m by no means an expert author, though I do have the passion and drive to learn everything I can about the theme design and development industry.

My Story

I’ve been designing and developing websites for over 6 years, learning about all the awesome technology that is out there, and more importantly, keeping up with all the changes that occur on a daily basis.

Now, I’ll be honest with you, I do still work full time, but that being said once my daily job is complete, I tackle away one theme at a time outside the 9 to 5. I’ve already published 3 templates over on the ThemeForest marketplace and there’s definitely more to come…

Designing websites is awesome! I love it!

Why I’ve created the ThemeChills Blog?

The main reason I’ve created this website is to help you become a kick ass theme author. I want this blog to serve as a way for you to learn from the mistakes and from the successes I will encounter along the way – I’ll be able to achieve this by being 100% transparent with all I do.

You see, I’ve looked around and have noticed that even though there are some amazing theme authors out there, there still is a missing piece of the puzzle….that piece is learning how *YOU* can become a¬†successful¬†author as well!

ThemeChills will serve as the hub for all I do. In here you’ll be able to see all the things I do, ranging from coming up with a concept, where I get inspiration from, what tools I use, how much income I make from my themes and templates and much more – doing this will hold me accountable and at the same time provide you with an inside look as to how I work.

I hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I’ll enjoy bringing you all the best information and resources I can gather.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy the blog and if you do have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.